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Organizations need IT asset management tools to help secure their IT assets effectively. These tools offer visibility, control, and optimization of assets. They allow organizations to discover and catalog their assets, track their lifecycle, ensure compliance with licensing agreements, and identify vulnerabilities to enhance security.

By centralizing asset information, organizations can make informed decisions about procurement, maintenance, and retirement of assets, leading to cost optimization. IT asset management tools also streamline processes, improve operational efficiency, and aid in incident and problem management.

It's best to have these tools to help you and your organization maximize the value of your IT investments, reduce risks, and enhance overall productivity.

2023 Top IT Asset Management Tools For Security

1. Zluri

Zluri is a platform that helps businesses manage their technology expenses and SaaS governance. It upgrades software usage, manages costs, ensures compliance, and streamlines vendor relationships. It’s a platform with leading software license management options that feature:

Software Asset Management

Provides comprehensive visibility into your organization's software assets so you can track licenses and subscriptions in your SaaS applications.

Expense Management

Analyze and optimize your software expenses by providing insights into usage patterns, identifying underutilized licenses, and suggesting cost-saving measures.

SaaS Governance

Enforce governance policies by defining your SaaS applications' roles, permissions, and access controls. It helps you manage user onboarding, offboarding, and access rights to ensure compliance and data security.

Compliance Monitoring

Maintain compliance with regulatory standards by monitoring software usage, detecting unauthorized applications, and enforcing security controls.

Vendor Management

Allows consolidation of vendor information, contracts, and renewal dates in one place. It has alerts and notifications to ensure timely renewals and prevent service disruptions.

Advanced Analytics

Offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing actionable insights into your software usage, costs, and trends. It helps you make informed decisions about software procurement and license optimization.

These capabilities are designed to help ensure the safety of your IT assets in the face of widespread data breaches.

2. Freshservice

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) tool incorporating robust IT asset management capabilities. It provides organizations with a centralized platform for efficiently managing their assets throughout their lifecycle. It offers several advantages for its users.

Management And Tracking

Allows organizations to track and manage their IT assets effectively. It provides a centralized repository for storing asset information, including hardware, software, and other configuration items.

Security Monitoring And Enforcement

Enables organizations to enforce security policies by monitoring and managing asset configurations. It helps ensure that assets are appropriately configured to meet security standards and compliance requirements.

Exposure Management

Assists in identifying vulnerabilities across IT assets, providing organizations with insights to address potential security risks promptly. It helps prioritize and manage exposures to maintain a secure environment.

License Tracking

Helps organizations maintain software license compliance by tracking license usage and ensuring that software installations are validly licensed. It helps prevent compliance violations and associated risks.

Automation And Streamlining Asset Management

Offers automation capabilities that streamline asset management processes. It integrates with other IT systems and tools, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Reporting

Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features, allowing organizations to gain insights into asset performance, security vulnerabilities, and compliance status. It enables data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

These advantages collectively contribute to enhanced security, improved operational efficiency, and effective management of IT assets within organizations.

3. JAMF Pro

JAMF Pro is a comprehensive IT asset management tool designed explicitly for managing Apple devices in an organization's IT ecosystem. It offers many features that make it an excellent choice for IT asset management, focusing on security. Specifically, JAMF Pro has these features and advantages:

Asset Tracking And Management

Provides detailed inventory information about Apple devices, allowing organizations to track and manage their assets efficiently. It includes hardware details, installed software, and configuration profiles.

Security Configurations

Allows organizations to enforce security configurations and policies across Apple devices. It ensures that devices are appropriately secured with features like password requirements, encryption settings, and firewall configurations.

Patch Management

Provides automated software update workflows that simplify patch management for Apple devices. It helps ensure that devices are updated with the latest security patches, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Compliance Maintenance

Aids in compliance monitoring by providing visibility into the security and configuration status of Apple devices. It helps organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies.

Data Protection

It enables organizations to remotely lock or wipe Apple devices in case of loss, theft, or security incidents. This feature helps protect sensitive data and prevents unauthorized access to corporate resources.

Centralized Application Distribution

It facilitates centralized app distribution and management for Apple devices. It ensures that only approved and secure applications are installed, reducing the risk of malicious or unauthorized software.

Self-Service Portal

Offers a self-service portal for users, empowering them to perform specific tasks, such as device enrollment, password resets, and application installations. This feature reduces the IT support burden and improves user satisfaction.

Cohesive Security Ecosystem

Integrates with other security and IT management tools, allowing organizations to create a cohesive security ecosystem. It facilitates sharing of data and enables automated workflows for enhanced security measures.

JAMF Pro is a robust IT asset management tool for security, focusing on Apple device management. Its advantages include device inventory and tracking, security configuration management, patch management, compliance monitoring, remote lock and wipe capabilities, app distribution and management, user self-service portal, and integration capabilities.

Bottom Line

Securing your IT assets is vital. The tools here can help you with your organization's IT asset management security necessities. Also, feel free to browse more of these tools on the links here to expand your options to select which is best for your organization.

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