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In the utopian world model, there's a high level of trust and no need for protection mechanisms. As we live in the real world, things are slightly different – it’s necessary to protect both tangible and intangible assets. People save money in safeboxes under strong passwords, goods are stored in surveilled warehouses, and funds on bank cards are accessed via security codes./p>

The same goes on in the animal world – a chameleon changes its color to match the ambient when predators approach, while some plants produce poisonous substances to protect themselves./p>

As digitalization rushes like a Formula 1 car, the amount of online data also grows exponentially. Like with physical assets, there’s a need to protect digital assets with the same security levels. Thus, GDPR and HIPAA data privacy regulations appeared to ensure the needed protection levels for personal data. Around 80% of online users stated they are highly concerned about how companies use collected data./p>

In order not to delude users, companies have to comply with data privacy regulations and use tools that reinforce the effect. Salesforce data loader is among services that respect those laws owing to modern cryptography mechanisms and security protocols./p>

Importance of IP Protection and Data Privacy

Similarly to physical objects, virtual objects need strong security mechanisms to be protected. However, given that the structure of digital assets differs from tangible things, the safety insurance approach is different./p>

Digital space is like a metaverse where the borders between instances collapse and it becomes easy to misuse some data or use it with malicious intentions. Even when such things happen, the gravity of consequences may depend on the importance of data. Intellectual property and personal data are among the top aspects to pay attention to./p>

To respond to such concerns, GDPR policies were invented and implemented. GDPR stands for General Data Privacy Protection regulations designed to keep user data and intellectual property safe on the internet. Going against those rules can lead to tremendous consequences such as fines and service restrictions. An interesting fact is that the largest fine applied for GDPR violation was €50,000,000 issued to Google Inc. in France./p>

The main principles of GDPR are the following:/p>

  • transparency.
  • purpose limitation.
  • minimization.
  • accuracy.
  • storage limitation.
  • integrity.
  • confidentiality.
  • accountability.

Now let’s go into detail about these principles to better understand the purpose of GDPR. Transparency means that users must be aware of which exact data is collected by companies and how it’s used. Meanwhile, the intentions for using this data should be clearly defined and limited to a clear list of purposes for user data./p>

Minimization, accuracy, and integrity of data stand for the collection of only essential and clear information. At the same time, confidentiality and storage limitation principles ensure that data is stored safely and for a definite period of time on the company's servers. And finally, accountability in GDPR requires that companies document all the procedures for ensuring data privacy./p>

User data is often kept in CRM systems within enterprises as well as small businesses. Given that Salesforce remains a leading CRM system in the market for 10 years, managing data from this app properly makes sense. One of the best tools for that is the Salesforce data loader by Skyvia./p>

What Is Salesforce Data Loader

If there’s a need to operate on Salesforce data by performing a myriad of tasks with it, then the Salesforce data loader comes into play. This platform is completely web-based and accessible via any browser. It offers the following features for Salesforce data processing:/p>

  • Import data to Salesforce from other apps and databases.
  • Export Salesforce data to .csv files on a computer or cloud storage services.
  • Synchronize data with other applications.
  • Replicate data to Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and other data warehouses.
  • Create safe backups on the server.
  • Use SQL statements to mass update records.

All the above-mentioned operations are accompanied by strong safety measures and protocols:/p>

  • Physical security. As the Salesforce data loader by Skyvia resides on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, it automatically complies with international standards SOC 2 and ISO 27001. Azure physical services run within surveilled locations and only authorized personnel can approach them.
  • Network security. Users can access the tool only via HTTPS using TLS end-to-end encryption.
  • Connection security. When adding connections to the Salesforce data loader (other apps or databases), the system uses OAuth technology by default Users don’t need to provide their credentials to other services – instead, an OAuth token is created and saved encrypted .
  • User data retention. The tool applies AES 256-bit cipher algorithms for storing user data .

GDPR and Salesforce Data Loader

It’s obvious that the Salesforce data loader by Skyvia implements data protection mechanisms at all levels. Now let’s also have a look at how it complies with GDPR and other data privacy laws and regulations. For that, it’s necessary to address the core principles described above in this article./p>

  • Transparency. During the registration process or data integration pipeline design, it’s obvious which data is collected So the service complies with this parameter no doubt.
  • Purpose limitation. The collection of personal information during registration is exclusively used to ensure legitimate access to user data.
  • Minimization. Only email and password are required to start using the service, so it’s safe to say that there’s strong compliance with the minimization regulation.
  • Skyvia Data Loader

  • Accuracy. Users need to ensure the accuracy of their personal information and data they involve in Salesforce operations.
  • Storage limitation. As for user data, it’s stored encrypted on servers and can be removed upon the customer’s request. As for the data used for transfer to or from Salesforce, the service stores only backups and data for export for a limited period of time with the opportunity to delete it manually at any moment.
  • Integrity and Confidentiality. The tool applies AES 256-bit cipher algorithms for storing user data.


Data on the internet is still vulnerable to some extent, so protective mechanisms such as GDPR and HIPAA were developed. This concept refers either to personal data as well as any other kind of business information stored online. There are plenty of intruders that can interrupt or wedge into data flow and use that information for malicious purposes./p>

When working with Salesforce data that stores lots of sensitive customer information, the choice of reliable tools matters. Salesforce data loader by Skyvia has all the necessary mechanisms for secure data storage and transfer over the network.

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