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Mind Hacks To Remember Your Passwords

The identity industry came a long way and most security-conscious users use password manager with a 2FA to protect their online accounts. If you're using your own machine, you may already have a password manager configured to automatically log you into any online accounts you want to use without typing a password each time. However, not everyone uses a password manager and even if you do, there are times when you do have to enter your password.

Everyone knows you shouldn't use the same password for every online account, and the password has to be strong. Regardless of whether you have to create one password or a dozen, you can use some help in creating memorable passwords. So, how do you create a strong password that is memorable?

Ways To Create a Memorable Password

Your favorite password manager will create a strong password for every online account you create, but how do you create the master password for your password manager? In this article, we offer a number of hacks you can use to create a strong password that is memorable to you.

1. Create A Tip Sheet

One of the best ways to secure your password is to create a tip sheet where you can write down clues that will help you remember what your password is. You know about yourself better than anyone else, so you know how efficiently you can create a clue for your password that you can relate to. Do not make an easy nut to crack. Make it difficult, but one that can be identified.

2. Disguise Your Password

Making a password and remembering the first letter is easy for you to recognize what your password is. If you write down your password anywhere, then disguise them.

For instance, if your password is Captian0991, you can write it as C******0*** in a notebook. This way, you can easily rewind it whenever you see it in need.

You can find some spots where you can hide your written hint or password. Do not keep it open and very obvious to anyone. Also, keep in mind that do not add anything that gives another person a hint about what your password can be.

3. Use Shortcuts

In this era where there are so many social media networks, shortcuts are working way better than anything else. For example, you can create your Instagram password starting with "IG" or "I" and can use the logo color somewhere in the middle. This way, you can easily remember the password for different social media platforms.

4. Create Your Own Code

Creating a code is not a difficult or tricky thing. What you have to do is to replace some letters and numbers and abbreviations by putting your letter or numbers that you can remember. It's your secret and how you manage to deal with it totally depends on you. Make sure whatever your password is, it is easy for you to remember by adding a secret code created on your own. For instance, you can replace o with 0, e with 3, b with 6, and l with 1. Then if your password is BeCool, it will actually look like 63c001. You can easily remember it, and no one can track it.

5. Create a Phrase

Your password is important because your account may carry a lot of confidential things inside it. Creating a password that reminds you of something will be perfect to go with. In our everyday life, there is something that will make you laugh and excited, so you can create a password related to that as well. If you add some signs like "@#4%#$&%^" then it might be difficult to remember, but if there is a story behind this password, you will always remember it for a lifetime.

6. Choose Random Words

Creating a phrase and adding some random words to it helps you to recognize what your password can be. Replacing a few words with a joke or any special thing that is your favorite will be beneficial. You should be aware of the things that are related to you, and only you will understand what things make you realize to remember the password. For instance, I include EGG in between my passwords, and it makes it easy for me to remember. Well, I'm kidding. I include some other words.

7. Use A Base Password

Another great option is to use a base password like you can add a first or last letter of your website and then end up with your name. You can also capitalize letters as per your wish. Whatever your base is, adding something unique to it can be helpful and the most recognized thing a person can see.

8. Build Password From Favorite Song

Forgetting your favorite song is nearly impossible because everyone knows which song they like the most. If you think you cannot remember your password, then you can choose the specific word of your song as your password. Along with that, you can add a special date like your birthday, anniversary, or any special date that you will never forget.

9. Use a Password Manager

Your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari provide you with a free password manager. Most modern browsers allow users to save usernames, emails, and passwords. The password manager functionality provided by the browsers are as good as commercial password managers like 1password, LastPass, BitWarden, and etc. If you wish to use a password manager beyond web browsers, you may opt-in to use a free or paid password manager of your choice.


We often hear stories of strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.

When you do have to create a password yourself, you can follow the hacks provided in this article to be more creative. Creating a memorable but strong password is the first step in protecting your online accounts and your privacy.

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