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The automotive industry is ever-changing and evolving into more convenient day by day. The commercial uses of significant advancements in vehicle technology are as visible as ever. These advancements are almost always focused on an increased rate of efficiency and driving safety. However, one advancement stands out: the tire pressure monitoring system, aka TPMS. It’s one of the most crucial components of modern vehicles as it can ensure the best performance of your vehicle as well as tire maintenance.

Throughout the years, the TPMS technology has evolved considerably. Compared to the old TPMS tires, there are a lot of features available in modern TPMS tires. And thus comes the confusion of choosing the right TPMS tires for your vehicle. NeoTires can help you choose the best TPMS-compatible tires and even help you with tire maintenance with your utmost convenience in mind.

In this article, we’ll explore the advancements TPMS brought to smart cars, their seamless integrations, and how they offer enhanced safety and longer tire lifespans through real-time alerts and diagnostics.

Understanding TPMS and Its Evolution

A TPMS is an electronic system consisting of necessary sensory devices that monitor and diagnose the air pressure inside pneumatic tires on different types of vehicles. The main purpose of this sophisticated system is to prevent any tire-pressure-related accidents and increase fuel efficiency. These happen mostly when vehicle tires are under-inflated. When TPMS was first used in commercial vehicles, it was a very simple system that only alerted drivers when their tire pressures were dangerously low. But since then, TPMS has evolved significantly into a highly sophisticated system. Now, it’s able to offer much real-time data to drivers, including detailed diagnostics and instructions, and it’s able to integrate with different vehicle systems seamlessly.

Why Real-Time Alerts are Crucial for Tire Maintenance

One of the most important functionalities of modern TPMS in smart cars is their ability to provide real-time alerts to drivers. This functionality works as the system keeps monitoring the pressure and temperature of the tires all the time. This makes tire maintenance a piece of cake as it keeps sending instant data to the driver if the tires aren’t working in optimal conditions. These data are hugely crucial to avoid any tire-related accidents or worse. And for efficient tire maintenance, real-time alerts are an absolute necessity. There are several scenarios in which both over- and under-inflated tires significantly damage your well-being and the vehicle. With Real-time alerts from the TPMS, they can be easily prevented with thorough tire maintenance.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Modern TPMS in smart cars is capable of doing much more than just providing pressure monitoring data. Nowadays, they provide comprehensive diagnostics to drivers that come with valuable insights into tire health as well as its performance. These diagnostics can detect uneven wear patterns in tires and can even detect slow leaks. Sometimes, TPMS diagnostics can even predict an approximate time for tire failure so you can be prepared beforehand. Not only that, the diagnostic can provide accurate countermeasures for each diagnostic data it offers, making your visit to a service center more convenient.

Integration with Smart Car Ecosystems

Nowadays, TPMS are seamlessly integrated into the smart car ecosystem, and they are mandatory for car manufacturers. That’s because the TREAD Act mandated by the US back in September 2007 requires car manufacturers to include TPMS in every new car. So, any passenger car and truck models after 2008 are bound to have TPMS integrated into the ecosystem. Of course, it differs from car to car what kind of TPMS are integrated into them. Older TPMS models are not as convenient as modern ones.

Bottom Line

TPMS is like a blessing for vehicle owners all over the world. The convenience that comes with this system is boundless. So, get your preferred and compatible TPMS compatible tires to safeguard your safety!

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