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2022 has been a difficult year in many aspects, and it will be hard to forget. Businesses that were able to keep going despite the epidemic were compelled to make adjustments that would have been impossible only a few months before. Change is never simple, but it is inevitable in the world of business.

Businesses need to put in significant effort to ensure they are ready for whatever the future holds in store for them. Let's take a look at the top security trends for 2022, which will help you maintain your security strategy up to date and ready to deal with the obstacles that are provided by the modern safety landscape.

What Does It Mean To Future-Proof?

You future-proof your business by putting in place procedures and enhancements that will benefit your company in the future, regardless of how the business environment changes. To put it another way, you prevent tension and uncertainty by making improvements that won't be out of date in the coming years. Companies are investing more in future-proofing their businesses now that the future is so unpredictable.

When It Comes To Future-Proofing, Why Is It Important And Where Do You Begin?

Future-proofing is vital to keep your business current as trends change. Businesses that don't keep up with the latest technologies in the workplace face a few drawbacks. If you want to keep your business ahead of the curve, here are a few ways to do it.

Using AI Analytics

Security camera systems are an essential component of any comprehensive approach to the protection of physical assets. They not only have the potential to aid and offer evidence in the event of a crime, but they also have the potential to function as a deterrent to crime. However, because it is impossible for security professionals to watch the feeds of security cameras continually, security cameras are not often beneficial in stopping a crime from occurring on your property.

Your security staff may be able to spot possible security concerns with the use of AI analytics, which will allow them to do so without constantly watching the video camera feed. Your security team will be able to respond more swiftly to possible threats as a result of warnings triggered by AI analytics for security events. This might potentially prevent the commission of a crime. By using this cutting-edge technology, not only will your security personnel have more time to devote to other important responsibilities, but you will also be able to maximize the capabilities of your security cameras.

Bringing Together Physical and Cybersecurity

There has been a recent uptick in the use of cloud-based and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies, and as a result, there has been a surge in the necessity to treat physical and cybersecurity as combined concepts. When assets are both physical and digital, it is becoming increasingly difficult to approach security with distinct departments for physical security and cybersecurity. This is because the threats to physical security and cybersecurity are becoming increasingly intertwined.

When both teams are housed in separate locations, it can be difficult for them to communicate with one another, which can hinder your company's ability to respond swiftly and effectively to security events and threats.

It is possible to have a quicker reaction time to security risks that come within the authority of both the IT team and the security team if you merge the two teams together. This merger may provide the possibility to simplify your team and save costs, as well as reduce the effort that both teams have to do in order to implement a more effective plan.

Internal Access Control and the Internet of Things

Internal access control may make a building smarter and restrict access to sections within a building for a zero-trust method of building security. This can help create a more secure environment. When it comes to protecting your company against unethical behavior on the part of its employees and preventing sensitive data from being compromised, a security policy based on zero trust is absolutely necessary.

Incorporating IoT and occupancy management technologies into your facility is made possible by installing internal door locks. Internal door locks are integrated with occupancy monitoring to provide a precise picture of how frequently employees utilize your facilities.

Occupancy management provides organizations with useful information that might be used to make the choice to decrease their office space if the firm is transitioning to a hybrid or remote work model. If the data from your occupancy management show that big areas of your office space are going underused, this could be an indication that you should consider shrinking your workforce.

You may cut down on your monthly expenses by turning off appliances, lighting, and heating in areas that aren't being used by integrating internet of things technology with your internal door locks. When the door lock is activated, the system will turn on the lights in the room as well as any appliances that are connected to it. In order to save money and save the environment, all of the electronics and appliances in the room will be turned off when no one is around to use them. Aside from the fact that this will make your building more energy-efficient, it will also result in cost savings for your company's electric and heating bills.

Verification of Health Status

You may educate your HR staff about the mental well-being of your workers by integrating wellness verification software with access control technology, which will offer protection for the health and safety of your building as well as teach you about the mental well-being of your employees.

Since the epidemic, health and safety has emerged as one of the most important factors to be considered when formulating any security policy. Users will be required to fill out survey questionnaires on their mobile devices before being granted admission to the building through the access control system. These surveys may be used to test for coronavirus symptoms and safeguard your area from persons who are exhibiting such symptoms.

Alternatively, you may use these questionnaires as a basis for designing wellness surveys that measure the levels of satisfaction and mental health experienced by employees. Utilizing this data, your HR staff may determine whether or not there is a need for the organization to provide wellness retreats or wellness seminars.

It is critical to the success of your company's operations that you have a workforce that is both motivated and productive. As soon as you have made sure that your firm is secure with this, it's time to think about the individuals you hire. Your social media managers should know the least thing as to delete messages on Facebook.

In conclusion

These tools may assist your company in developing a security plan that is capable of meeting the difficulties given by today's and future complex security system and can be of use to you. It is possible to develop a security strategy that is both effective and future-proof by combining the technologies and teams used for digital and physical security. You can increase your business intelligence by using occupancy management and cybersecurity, and you can get the most out of your physical security installations by doing so as well.

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