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VPNs are a secure way to hide your geographic location and identity in order to access geo-blocked content. The most secure VPN services that can protect your privacy are normally sold. Protecting your online privacy and identity is very important especially if you are someone who likes torrenting and accessing geo-blocked content.

If you have been using the internet, you might have come across some geo-blocked websites and services that cannot be accessed from your location. An example is Netflix which restricts or blocks users from some countries to access its content. In order to bypass these roadblocks and access blocked information over the internet, you should use a secure VPN service that will not only unblock the content but also hide your identity and protect your privacy. VPNs do this by re-routing packets or traffic to appear as though you are located in a different place where the content is not blocked.

The internet is full of many free VPN providers that want users to download and use their VPN to unblock geo-blocked content but this is not always the case. Free VPNs are not secure and could be ruining your internet security and privacy than ever before.

There are people who get attracted by these free VPNs only to realize later that their privacy and security has been compromised. If you thought free VPNs cannot cost you money and privacy then you have to think again.

In the next section of this article, we’re going to unmask the dark side of using free VPNs. Yes, because you deserve to know.

  1. Access to your information

    Counting on free VPN to hide and protect your identity is like leaving a wolf to be in-charge of your poultry.

    There are tons of free VPN services over the internet interested to collect your information and data before sharing it with third parties.

    What you should know is that every time you download free VPN you are freely giving people on the other side access to your data and information.

  2. Hijacking your browser

    Did you know that free VPN providers earn a lot of money the moment you download their free VPN? They do this by hijacking your browser and redirecting you on the background to another website without your information or permission.

    A genuine VPN should not redirect you to a strange website without giving it the permission to do so.

  3. Fraud
  4. Do not put yourself at a risk of sharing your information or files stored on your computer with fraudsters that partner with interested parties to sell your identity or files. A trusted VPN should not allow third parties to access your data or log history. Free VPNs offered by fraudsters may sometimes share your browsing history with third parties and deny doing so if something such as unmasking comes up later.

  5. Leaking your IP address
  6. The tunnel that your data packet travels through when using paid VPN is always a secure channel that prevents your data from being accessed or leaked by hackers.

Free VPN does not offer this security and protection which makes it very easy for hackers to access your data and share it with interested parties. When hackers access your information when using a free VPN service, they may end up exposing you because at the back of your mind you are convinced that your identity is protected but on the other side the hacker could be smiling all the way to the bank by selling your identity or exposing your location.

If you are using a free VPN service I hope that what has been covered in this article will help open your eyes proceed cautiously every time you want to use a VPN to hide your identity or to access geo-blocked content.

Why not buy affordable VPN services that are available in the market to protect your privacy?

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