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In today's fast-moving world technology is revolutionizing with every passing day. Advancements in technology have changed the ways of working in every field. Sometimes, it gets difficult for a person to judge what is right for him. Therefore, understanding things is very important. People should aware of the novelties coming in technologies to keep pace with the moving world. If they don’t keep themselves up-to-date with the changes, it becomes difficult for them to survive in today’s competitive world.

The same is the case with internet technologies. We have seen some rapid changes in the internet industry in the last few decades. New internet services are introduced in the market with new features. Every Internet service provider (ISP) is coming up with something new and interesting. Does this confuse the users that what is best for them?

In this article, we will provide a brief comparison of fiber internet and cable internet. This will provide our readers with an opportunity to learn a few important things about these services. This will help them in the future to choose the right option for them among these two services.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet is not a new name in the internet industry but still, most people are unaware of this service. This is due to the lack of knowledge. It is also known as fiber optic. Now the question arises, what is fiber optic and how does it work? The answer is, it is a type of broadband connection that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data from one place to another. The data is transmitted through light signals.

It is relatively a new technology in the internet industry in comparison to other technologies. There is a lack of infrastructure to avail of this service in many areas. This is why we do not find its services conveniently in all places.

Over time, companies are trying to build their facilities to provide fiber optic services in all areas. There is no doubt that wherever it is available now, it is the best option to avail of as compared to cable internet, DSL services, or satellite internet. The fast speed of fiber internet is the main feature that distinguishes it from other internet services. Its speed can reach up to 6,000 Mbps. With that, it is less vulnerable to bad weather conditions. The traditional internet cable system cannot sustain its performance levels in worse weather.

Some benefits of using Fiber Internet are:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Dependability
  • Security

Some of the main back draws of Fiber Internet are:

  • Prone to damage
  • Costly
  • Less availability

What is Cable Internet?

It is a traditional way to provide internet services to users. In this type of broadband connection copper coaxial cables are used for data transmission through radio frequency signals. Coaxial cables are also used with TV sets. This is the reason why most cable internet providers offer internet and TV bundle deals altogether.

Cable internet service is a widely available service. It is due to the easy installation of its cables. The coaxial cables are easy to install as compared to fiber optics. The back draw of using cable internet service is its slow speed than fiber optic. Still, it is a better option in comparison to DSL or satellite internet.

Some benefits of using cable internet are:

  • High Availability
  • Cost-Effective
  • TV bundle options

Some back draws of using cable internet are:

  • Slow internet speed
  • Not trustworthy
  • Easily get damaged in bad weather

Fiber Internet vs. Cable Internet – Speed Comparison:

Speed comparison can be performed by analyzing two factors.

1. Download Speed:

For a home user both these services provide good download speeds. You can enjoy your video streaming, gaming, and other activities with their provided speeds. Although, fiber optic provides greater download speeds of up to (3000 Mbps) in comparison to low cable internet speed.

2. Upload Speed:

The upload speed you will get with fiber optic is way too high in comparison to cable internet. Most of the time when you get a fiber optic connection, you will get the same upload and download speed but it is not the case with cable internet. Normally, cable internet providers provide lesser upload speeds than download speeds.

Fiber Internet vs. Cable Internet – Reliability:

Fiber optic is a more reliable internet service as compared to cable internet. Cable internet infrastructure becomes venerable in bad weather.

Fiber Internet vs. Cable Internet – Availability:

The availability of fiber internet is an issue. It is not easily available in many areas. Therefore, people have no other choice than to opt for cable internet services. Although fiber internet providers are expanding their infrastructure rapidly still it will take time to reach as many areas as cable internet providers have already reached.

Fiber Internet vs. Cable Internet – Cost-Effective:

Fiber optics is an advanced technology. The infrastructure required to make its delivery possible costs heavily on the pockets of these service providers. Therefore, it increases the cost of the fiber optic connection.

On the other hand, when we talk about cable internet, the coaxial cables used in their service delivery are not that costly to install and can also utilize existing infrastructure. This reduces the whole cost of cable internet connection. With that, you will also get TV bundles with cable internet connections. This is an added advantage of getting a cable internet connection and saves a lot of money for the users.

Final Thoughts:

After analyzing all this information, we conclude that fiber optic provides you a better value for money. Although it costs more than cable internet you will get added advantages with its connection like high internet speed, high reliability, and more secure connections. The main advantage of getting cable internet is that it is cheaper than fiber optic. With that, you can also avail of TV bundles with its connection.

We recommend our readers get a fiber optic internet connection if it is available in their area to get a better experience of using the internet. Spending a little more on its connection will bring a lot of other benefits to it.

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