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Earlier, individuals couldn't create a website without technical coding skills. However, in today’s digital era, even without coding experience and programming knowledge, you can create a website through various content management systems. You can utilize website builders like Square Space, WordPress, Unicorn, and Wix, which are easy to use with no code required to create your own website. These website builders help in building websites for owners themselves and allow them to save a lot of money on development costs.

Several resources are available to create a website irrespective of technical coding knowledge. Website builders are available that require no code. The website builder you need for web design will depend on your requirements. You can explore the different options present and choose according to your requirement and as per suitability.

Just pick the no-code website builder like WordPress, focus on creativity, and go ahead with the content creation after building a website in a few easy steps as per instruction. With pre-made blocks and templates, you can easily create a website.

How You Can Build Your WordPress Website

Opening Up a WordPress Account

The initial step is to install WordPress. Then the next is creating a WordPress account to start up with the process of website creation. You need to follow the instructions step by step and act accordingly to set up your WordPress account. You have options for both free and paid accounts. You need to decide accordingly as per your budget. It's better to go with the free version first and later you can switch to the paid version as per your requirement.

You have to enter the following details to set up a WordPress account:

  1. Creating a username for your WordPress account.
  2. Deciding on a strong password is crucial for logging into your WordPress account.
  3. Setting up URL for your WordPress website. This is the address of your website.
  4. Entering Email that is required for password resetting and future notifications.
  5. Click on the install button to start with.
  6. Setting up a domain name.

The domain name should be simple that is easy to remember and it should well relate to your business. A free or paid WordPress account allows for the full version. The plug-in version comes with the paid premium plans and commerce plan. Plug-ins are used to add multiple features to the website like providing online courses. Getting a premium plan provides ad-free access to you.

Selecting A Theme For Your WordPress Account

Now your WordPress site is launched and is empty at this point. You can start by selecting a theme for your WordPress site. WordPress has numerous themes and layouts to choose from to make a user-friendly website. Each website requires different layouts for its best functioning.

You can visit the WordPress theme gallery. Themes help in changing the website design for your WordPress website. Certain themes are specific to the website requirement.

To change you can Navigate to Appearance>Themes. The theme can be changed by selecting the required one and then clicking on the activate button. You can have a preview of different themes by navigating to different themes without clicking them. After activation of the required theme, you can see how your website looks. If you go with the purchase plan for themes, it gives a variety of new options for themes. Free themes are also best and help to create a good WordPress site.

Using Built-In Block Editor For WordPress Website Design

At this time theme is installed but the web design is still left also it does not have content. You can start by adding pages to your web design by clicking on the page section and adding new pages to it. For this navigate to pages> and click on the tab add new. Essential pages can be created for information like about us and contact information.

You can add blocks after adding pages. Block can be added through drag and drop block editor. WordPress website design has several blocks from which you can choose. These blocks can be used for adding content like images, text, and video paragraphs. Blocks can be moved with the block editor. It can be shuffled by dragging and dropping. You can also preview how your web design will look like. After the page design is finalized, the time is to publish it and add content to it like videos and images.

Start Publishing More Content

You need to add more content to build a website. The creation of a single page is just a starting point. Whatever the content may be posting once or for a few times does not make a website. The website is created by publishing more content on it regularly. WordPress editor can be used for content creation and formatting. Content depends on the business, whether you sell products or provide blogs. You will have to build multiple pages for it.

Site layout depends on you, and how you want to maintain it. It is also influenced by the audience. Anything that is to be added, needs to be uploaded on the WordPress site. After posting on site you will be able to publish it as a post. Visitors can see the content after it is published as a post.

SEO Optimization

The site has to be optimized for better visibility in search engine result pages. Appropriate keywords can be used to locate a website when it is searched for. SEO performance of the site is a must to reach out to the audience. More the traffic, the more the success of the website.

Testing Your WordPress Website

Checking of website performance is essential. It needs to be ensured all the web pages are working with all the links and forms. The website setting is to be checked properly. Preview of the website and how it looks to the customer is also necessary. It has to be checked for its functioning and its performance. Website functioning on different devices is also crucial. It needs to function well on mobile devices as well. Website performance along with its speed needs to be scrutinized.

Launch The Website: Add Product and Payment Information

The website has been built. Now it's time to launch the website. After its launch design needs to be updated and content has to be posted regularly. Regular content creation leads to the growth of the business. If you are into selling business for products you can add its details, along with its payment info. For this, a WooCommerce plugin needs to be installed. The wooCommerce plugin gives an option for adding products. It is done with the help of forms by adding product information.

Maintenance of WordPress Site

Updating regularly your themes, and plugins is mandatory. These things can be updated from the WordPress dashboard under the section “updates”. Updating ensures better performance of the site.


That's all with the website creation with zero coding. In the above steps, we got a deep insight into how we can create a website. It all can be done by the owner. No hiring of professional services like web developers. It's possible to create a website but being located is also important for that we require SEO and uniqueness in our content. By following the above step-by-step process one can dive into creating user-friendly web design in 2024.

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