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Hackers change their tricks all the time to get data from your gadget. Your iPhone is prone to hacking and people with ill motives can get access to it. All that they need to get a way out is to install spying software into the phone. They do this by sending you a text message or email intended to trick you. If you fall for their trick, you will tap on the spy app link or download and install it. Once installed, the cybercriminals gain access to your entire data and apps. A cell phone spyware is capable of controlling your apps. It may work as an IP tracker and send your IP address to the criminals. The app may take control of your camera, browser, sign-in data, and your accounts. All this happens without your knowledge.

Can someone track my phone and steal data?

Recent technologies developed by Apple aim at boosting the security of your phone. Today, you have access to over 1.642 million apps downloadable from the Apple Store. In the modern world, you can connect to 200 million active websites. Having more online and app options means hackers have more options for accessing your iPhone. One of the methods they use is mobile spying.

A mobile spy is an app installed on your phone to spy on your phone use activities. You might have been tricked and installed it without knowing its purpose. Hackers use the spy app to stalk your communication. They may stalk your telephone calls, SMS chats, email conversations, and social media. The cell phone spyware may also scan your screen for login data and account data. It may track your location with great accuracy and send your IP address to hackers.

In the modern world, you cannot separate technology from human beings. Understanding that your iPhone can be stalked is crucial. However, the cybersecurity steps that you take are more important. You can limit the possibility of being silently spied on through security software for iPhones. Still, you must take extra steps and learn malware removal if you get attacked. The types of attacks and tools used to access your phone change quickly. By reading Moonlock, you stay updated with the latest threats and ways to prevent them. Understanding the current and developing threats is one way to help you stay free from iPhone stalkers.

Reasons why hackers want to spy on your iPhone

Your phone contains useful information that can add value to hackers. For instance, when they gather information from thousands of users, they can sell it for profit. Hackers want to access your phone to get your private information. They try to check if they can get your mobile money and credit/debit card pin. They might want your contacts to call your friends and scam them. They may want your email contacts to send the mobile spyware to more people. Every small or large amount of information hackers get is useful to them. They will try every possible way to get that data. You have to protect your phone and know if someone is spying on you.

Is it possible to know if someone is stalking your iPhone?

Cell phone spyware cannot take control of your iPhone unless it is installed. Once installed, it gets permission to take control of your apps. The software may get permission to send your location. It may start to use your camera, and contacts. The iPhone functions this way until the day you know it and stop it. It is possible to know if someone has installed a spy app on your phone. You may know by the behavior of the apps or by checking for spy app presence.

Stalking iPhone

How do you check your phone for spyware?

You might notice your phone has been overheating lately. It could be a sign of extended activities on the phone. You might notice the phone’s performance is slow. At other times, you could get suspicious push ads and pop-ups on the screen. You may find suspicious apps that you never installed. If you notice such activities, apps, or incidents, it could be as a result of activities by a spy app. You need to find out if someone is stalking your iPhone. Here are several actions that can help you.

  • Install an app to scan and detect cell phone spyware. An excellent example of a spyware scanner is an antivirus. Try the more advanced internet security and antivirus apps.
  • Check your apps one by one to see if there are permissions granted that should not have been granted. To do this, open the Settings icon and then the Privacy and Security icon.
  • Apart from the system apps, check if there are other apps that you did not install.
  • Check if you are draining your data and battery more quickly than before.
  • Check if sharing has been activated and who you are sharing with.
  • Check the settings of Find My device and location access.

Can you stop hackers from spying on your iPhone?

Once you identify whether there is a mobile spy on your phone, you need to take action. Remove the mobile spy and prevent attacks in the future. You can do this by making sure your iPhone is cybersecurity-healthy. Make sure there are no possibilities of installing an IP tracker without your permission. Here are different ways to do it.

Avoid sharing your phone and use biometrics. The easiest way is to stop sharing your phone with anyone. Even if someone had access to the phone for two minutes, that is more than enough to install spyware. Create a stronger wall around your phone using biometrics. You may use your fingerprint, scan your eye, or any other part allowed.

Get the safety of a VPN. Nowadays, a VPN is crucial in cybersecurity. A mobile spy also acts as an IP tracker. It consistently sends your IP location to hackers. Access to your location helps them know when to strike. A VPN lies about your location by allocating your gadget to a false IP address.

Refuse to open unknown links and documents. You could be receiving a lot of emails and text messages daily. Check each closely for any suspicious information or tricks. When you become suspicious of a message or email, avoid opening it.

Clean your iPhone and update it from time to time. Open the Settings icon and tap General. Next, open Storage and check the apps and data stored there. Remove all unnecessary data and apps. On Safari, open the Clear Timeframe icon to clear history/cache. Once done, open Settings again and tap on the General icon. Open Software Update and select all to update everything.

Change privacy settings and passwords. Instead of using the factory settings, personalize the settings on each app. Reset permissions to block access by third parties. Change your login data often. Make sure the passwords you use cannot be easily stolen.

What next?

The cybersecurity environment is changing quickly lately. Hackers can install spyware on your iPhone and stalk you. The possible ways to know it is slowed performance and heating of the phone. You can prevent phone spy activities by installing antispyware. Keep your phone updated and remove all apps and data that you do not need. The use of a VPN can help keep your IP address secret.

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