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What is Adware?

Adware is a form of malware which displays advertisement on user's screen with (or in most cases without user's consent) for the benefit of creator. Sometimes, a user's search request is redirected to an advertising website based on the marketing data stored on a user's computer. The creator gets paid for redirecting or referring traffic to advertising website on a pay-per-click basis. This has led to adware becoming quite intrusive on numerous websites and applications in a constant attempt for its developers to benefit from it. These methods included having a banner, video, pop-up, static box, or any other container appearing someone on the user's screen, usually in a position that makes them click it accidentally or otherwise.

Do you use the same password for all your online accounts? Creating a unique and strong password for each of your accounts is the first step in protecting your privacy. Learn how to create a strong password, and augment with 2-factor authentication to secure your online accounts.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a shorthand way of saying "ransom malware", and much like its name implies, it is a type of malware which denies the user access to a part of their system in exchange for a ransom payment. The creator of such a program reaches out to the victim with a set of instructions (usually to send the money in the form of a cryptocurrency or through a credit card) in exchange to regain control over their machine or that part of their system.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a popular term that denotes the action of a nefarious actor in an attempt to gain unwanted access to a system. In a simpler way of wording it, this is the process of a person attempting to break into a machine or account to do some malicious activity. This isn't something limited to just the Internet either as hacking is something that can occur offline as well if the bad actor can gain physical access to your machine or account. In most scenarios, hackers do these actions to either access a user's private information such as their bank/credit card information or to use the user's account/machine in some other nefarious action such as a zombie in a DDoS attack.

Not everyone likes to be interrupted by unprecedented Ads. To block such ads, you'll have to use a software generally referred as Ad blocker. This is a content filter and is an ad blocking extension which can be added to most popular browsers. The Ad Blocking extensions work on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

What is Malware?

Malware is software that can cause potential damage to your computer services and network. It stands for "Malicious Software" and is designed to disrupt the target's computer. Malware gets installed in the target system by unauthorized access, executable code, scripts, or software.

What is Catfishing?

With increasing social media presence, terms such as catfishing have come into existence. The name Catfishing was picked from the 2010 documentary film "Catfish", which introduced the term. Catfishing is a behavior where a user pretends to be who they are not.

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks are something that is very common these days. While its evident that phishing attacks can have several repercussions, not many are aware in terms of what exactly gets classified as a phishing attack or is termed as phishing.

In the most rudimentary explanation, Single Sign-On authentication allows a single user to access multiple applications using the same credentials. Single Sign-On is also commonly referred to as "SSO". SSO is commonly used in enterprise-level systems that require access to multiple applications within the same Local Area Network, which is now expanded to include Wide Area Network.

Several organizations deal with a large amount of data on a daily basis. Such organizations constantly look for solutions to optimize the storage of such massive data. Along with storing another concern is analyzing a huge volume of data. This together with the scalability of infrastructure and a budget-friendly solution is something that organizations look for.