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Tarkov is a survival and military shooter project in which you will take part in battles between two private military companies, isolated from the outside world in a small city called Tarkov. You will participate in missions and combat missions to search for resources, replenish ammunition and constantly find means of further subsistence. You will be able to interact with NPCs and other players to improve your tactical position.

During forays, you will find Tarkov rubles - an important currency for interacting with NPCs and purchasing equipment, insuring your weapons and purchasing ammunition and accessories that will benefit you in further battles.

For currency, you can pay for insurance - which will allow you to preserve your valuable Tarkov items in the event of the death of an operative.

You risk losing items of equipment and other valuables in the event of death, but similarly, you will be able to pick up uninsured items from other players whom you destroy yourself or find bodies.

Escape from Tarkov 1

Choosing a side

For the game itself, it doesn’t really matter which side of the conflict you choose for yourself - BEAR or TERRA.

The difference will only be in uniform, weapons and language of negotiations.

Combat sorties

If you want to strengthen your agent, then you need to go to neutral territories in search of better weapons, accessories for them, body armor and helmet, cartridges and grenades, medicines and Tarkov rubles.

The task will be the following - to study the game map in order to understand where you will enter the location and where you will leave it because you will not have an interface or tips while moving.

You will need to not only find valuable game items but also take them to the peaceful zone to make them yours, otherwise you will simply do all the work for another player.

What to look for:

  • Weapons - You need an AK, or SCAR, a full-fledged assault rifle for comfortable fighting at any distance from the enemy.
  • Sight - the easier it is for you to aim, the more opponents you can eliminate and survive, but the main thing is not to overdo it, leave the x6 scopes to sniper rifles because in close combat they will only get in the way.
  • Silencer - if the enemy does not know where you are fighting from, then you will have a better chance of destroying him without harming yourself.
  • Medicines - not all battles will end perfectly, and injuries are often unavoidable. First aid kits will help you recover and prepare for further tasks on neutral territory.
  • Grenades - sometimes a grenade will help you simply knock the enemy out of cover without risking yourself, and then the enemy must make a choice - a bullet, an explosion, or retreat.
  • Body armor and helmet - the higher the class of protective equipment, the greater the endurance in battle and the less chance of dying from a bullet, even if it hits the head.
  • Money - look for Tarkov’s rubles so that, if anything happens, you can simply buy all the missing equipment and accessories at the base by contacting the merchant faction.

Beware of bandits and other PMCs - you are unlikely to be alone in such territory, so you always need to be careful and have all your weapons ready.

The situation with bandits is simpler - these are non-player characters, of which there are many, but they are dangerous only in large numbers because their weapons are of disgusting quality.

There is no point in shooting or directly attacking them, because their drops will be of poor quality, and there is always a risk of death.

With PMCs the situation is more complicated - these are the same players as you who came for loot and need to be avoided, or, on the contrary, hunted and set up ambushes.

When you have collected everything you need, carefully move back. The main thing is not to be greedy, because at any moment you can lose everything, especially if a serious zone enters the zone.

You can exit through an escape route, or call for paid transport, which will evacuate you much faster.

Escape from Tarkov 2

NPCs and factions

In Tarkov you will find many merchants and other non-player characters for whom you can complete tasks, or actively trade with them, and for increasing the level of loyalty you can receive better conditions and more favorable prices.

It is especially beneficial to interact with a faction of merchants who can offer you the rental of a wild character - this is a universal hero who will not be touched by PMCs and bandits and is used to collect valuable items on neutral territory.

The better your level of trust and authority with the faction, the longer the rental duration and starting equipment.

There is an interesting mechanic that gives the PMC a penalty if they attack a wild hero, but you can attack whoever you want, but your opponent will receive the defense option - remember this.

Try to carry a lot of low-weight, high-value items like scopes and other assault weapon accessories.


Escape from Tarkov has the mechanics of raids - special zones with a large supply of valuable trophies, but getting there will not be easy.

To enter the laboratory, you need an access key, which is located randomly throughout the territory of Tarkov.

This is a sufficiently rare and valuable item that it could be purchased for EFT rubles.

Just search the hiding places and sooner or later you will get lucky.

With this pass, you will get time to collect loot and leave the zone.

Other tips

Pay attention to the quality of the ammunition - You will always stock up on ammo and bad ammo will misfire, jam your weapon and do less damage, so try to just ignore this type of bullet quality. Often they are obtained from bandits, or sold at the cheapest price.

When aiming at an enemy at a distance, aim your sight just above your head and then the bullet will fly straight to the target because Tarkov uses a ballistics effect that is close to the real principles of shooting.

If you run out of ammo, do not reload, but change to a secondary weapon, a pistol, or an assault rifle and finish off the enemy, and then begin the process of replenishing your ammo reserves.

Browse the market - players who die lose their equipment without insurance, and traders put it up for ransom for a certain amount of rubles Escape from Tarkov, and you may be able to buy back some good trophies.

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