Zenmate Profile

Company ZenMate
Headquartered In Berlin, Germany
Year Established

ZenMate VPN is the easiest way to stay secure and private online. With more than 20 million users worldwide, ZenMate is one of the largest and fastest growing VPN providers, and has received international awards for the best security startup in Europe and in Germany. Available on all popular browsers, desktops and mobiles, ZenMate has the largest platform diversity of any VPN provider in the world.

The ZenMate Premium Suite offers a bundle of unlimited high speed traffic, more geo-locations and premium service.

ZenMate Premium Benefits

  • Windows and OS X Desktop Clients - Premium users have access to the full Desktop VPNs which offers increased functionality by working outside the browser, encrypting and securing all internet traffic such as downloads and VoIP clients. Downloads available via the central ZenMate dashboard.
  • Turbo Speeds - ZenMate ensures that their Premium Users get the fastest browsing speeds available via connection to the exclusive network of premium servers.
  • Additional Country Locations - For the premium release, they are also opening up several of their most requested new country locations, giving even greater access to a truly world-wide web. As a premium user you also get access to France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, United States West and Singapore.
  • Smart Location Feature (Extensions only) - Customize how ZenMate connects to your favorite websites by automatically switching locations when you visit them!
  • Malware Blocking - For advanced security, ZenMate can enable blocking of malicious sites and code snippets on our servers, protecting you before they can even reach your system.
  • Tracking Protection - Protect your privacy by preventing 3rd party services from tracking you across the internet to collect information and analyze your online activity.