Time Zones

Country Time Zones

A time zone is a region of the Earth that has the same standard time. Time zones are primarily based on longitudinal lines and are designed to divide the Earth into 24 roughly equal segments, each representing one hour of time difference from the adjacent zones.

The concept of time zones became necessary with the expansion of railways and telegraph lines in the 19th century when there was a need for standardized timekeeping across vast distances. Prior to time zones, local mean solar time was used, which could vary significantly from one location to another.

Each time zone corresponds to a standard time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). UTC is often used as a reference because it is based on highly precise atomic clocks. Some regions within time zones may adjust their local time by shifting forward or backward by one hour during certain periods of the year, a practice known as Daylight Saving Time. DST is used to make better use of natural daylight during the longer days of the year.

Flag ISO(2) Country Name Time Zone GMT Offset DST
AD Andorra Europe/Andorra [CEST] UTC + 02:00 YES
AE United Arab Emirates Asia/Dubai [GST] UTC +04:00 NO
AF Afghanistan Asia/Kabul [AFT] UTC +04:30 NO
AG Antigua and Barbuda America/Antigua [AST] UTC - 04:00 NO
AI Anguilla America/Anguilla [AST] UTC - 04:00 NO
AL Albania Europe/Tirane [CEST] UTC + 02:00 YES
AM Armenia Asia/Yerevan [AMT] UTC + 04:00 NO
AO Angola Africa/Luanda [WAT] UTC + 01:00 NO
AQ Antarctica Antarctica/Casey [CAST], Antarctica/Davis [DAVT], Antarctica/Casey [CLST], Antarctica/Mawson [CLST], Antarctica/Rothera [CLST] UTC -03:00 NO
AR Argentina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires [ART], America/Argentin [ART], America/Argentina/Jujuy [ART], America/Argentina/La_Rioja [ART], America/Argentina/Salta [ART], America/Argentina/San_Juan [ART], America/Argentina/San_Luis [ART], America/Argentina/Tucuman [ART], America/Argentina/Ushuaia [ART] UTC -03:00 NO
AS American Samoa Pacific/Pago_Pago [SST] UTC - 11:00 NO
AT Austria Europe/Vienna [CEST] UTC + 02:00 YES
AU Australia Asia/Yerevan [AMT], Antarctica/Macquarie UTC [AEST], Australia/Adelaide [ACST], Australia/Adelaide [ACST], Australia/Brisbane [AEST], Australia/Darwin [ACST], Australia/Eucla [ACWST], Australia/Lindeman [AEST], Australia/Lord_Howe [LHST], Australia/Melbourne [AEST], Australia/Sydney [AEST], Australia/Perth [AWST] UTC +10:30 NO
AW Aruba America/Aruba [AST] UTC - 04:00 NO
AX Åland Islands Europe/Mariehamn [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
AZ Azerbaijan Asia/Baku [AZT] UTC + 04:00 NO
BB Barbados America/Barbados [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
BD Bangladesh Asia/Dhaka [BST] UTC +06:00 NO
BE Belgium Europe/Brussels [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
BF Burkina Faso Europe/Sofia [GMT] UTC +03:00 NO
BG Bulgaria Europe/Sofia [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
BH Bahrain Asia/Bahrain [AST] UTC +03:00 NO
BI Burundi Africa/Bujumbura [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
BJ Benin Africa/Porto-Novo [WAT] UTC +01:00 NO
BL Saint Barthélemy America/St_Barthelemy [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
BM Bermuda Atlantic/Bermuda [ADT] UTC -03:00 NO
BN Brunei Asia/Brunei [BNT] UTC +08:00 NO
BO Bolivia America/La_Paz [BOT] UTC -04:00 NO
BR Brazil America/Araguaina [BRT], America/Belem [BRT], America/Boa_Vista [AMT], America/Campo_Grande [AMT], America/Cuiaba [AMT], America/Eirunepe [ACT], America/Fortaleza [BRT], America/Maceio [BRT], America/Manaus [BRT], America/Noronha [FNT], America/Porto_Velho [AMT], America/Recife [BRT], America/Rio_Branco [ACT], America/Santarem [ACT], America/Sao_Paulo [BRT] UTC -05:00 NO
BS Bahamas America/Nassau [EDT] UTC -04:00 YES
BT Bhutan Asia/Thimphu [BTT] UTC +06:00 NO
BW Botswana Africa/Gaborone [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
BY Belarus Europe/Minsk [MSK] UTC +03:00 NO
BZ Belize America/Belize [CST] UTC -06:00 NO
CA Canada America/Atikokan [EST], America/Blanc-Sablon [EST], America/Cambridge_Bay [EST], America/Creston [EST], America/Dawson_Creek [EST], America/Fort_Nelson [EST], America/Edmonton [EST], America/Glace_Bay [EST], America/Halifax [EST], America/Iqaluit [EST], America/Moncton [EST], America/Moncton [CDT], America/Rankin_Inlet [CDT], America/Regina [CDT], America/Resolute [CDT], America/St_Johns [CDT], America/Swift_Current [CST], America/Toronto [CST], America/Vancouver [PDT], America/Whitehorse [PDT], America/Winnipeg [CDT] UTC -07:00 NO
CD Congo - Kinshasa Africa/Kinshasa [WAT], Africa/Lubumbashi [WAT] UTC +02:00 NO
CF Central African Republic America/Cayman [EST] UTC -05:00 NO
CG Congo - Brazzaville Africa/Brazzaville [COT] UTC +01:00 NO
CH Switzerland Europe/Zurich [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
CK Cook Islands Pacific/Rarotonga [CKT] UTC -10:00 NO
CL Chile America/Punta_Arenas [CLT], America/Santiago [CLT], Pacific/Easter [CLT] UTC -05:00 YES
CM Cameroon Africa/Douala [WAT] UTC +01:00 NO
CN China Asia/Shanghai [CST] UTC +08:00 NO
CO Colombia America/Bogota [COT] UTC -05:00 NO
CR Costa Rica America/Costa_Rica [CST] UTC -06:00 NO
CU Cuba America/Havana [CDT] UTC -04:00 YES
CV Cape Verde Atlantic/Cape_Verde [CVT] UTC -01:00 NO
CW America/Curacao [AST] UTC -04:00 YES
CX Christmas Island Indian/Christmas [CXT], Indian/Cocos [CXT] UTC +06:30 NO
CY Cyprus Asia/Famagusta [EEST] UTC +03:00 NO
CZ Czech Republic Europe/Prague [CEST] UTC +02:00 NO
DE Germany Europe/Berlin [CEST], Europe/Busingen [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
DJ Djibouti Africa/Djibouti [EAT], America/Dominica [AST] UTC-04:00 NO
DK Denmark Europe/Copenhagen [CEST] UTC+02:00 NO
DM Dominica America/Dominica [AST] UTC-04:00 NO
DO Dominican Republic America/Santo_Domingo [AST] UTC-04:00 NO
DZ Algeria Africa/Algiers [CET] UTC + 01:00 NO
EC Ecuador America/Guayaquil [ECT], Pacific/Galapagos [ECT] UTC-06:00 NO
EE Estonia Europe/Tallinn [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
EG Egypt Africa/Cairo [EEST] UTC+03:00 NO
ER Eritrea Africa/Asmara [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
ES Spain Africa/Ceuta [CEST], Atlantic/Canary [WEST], Europe/Madrid [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
ET Ethiopia Africa/Addis_Ababa [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
FI Finland Europe/Helsinki [EEST] UTC +03:00 NO
FJ Fiji Pacific/Fiji [FJT] UTC +12:00 NO
FK Falkland Islands Atlantic/Stanley [FKT] UTC -03:00 NO
FM Micronesia Pacific/Chuuk [CHUT], Pacific/Kosrae [KOST], Pacific/Pohnpei [KOST] UTC+11:00 NO
FO Faroe Islands Atlantic/Faroe [WEST] UTC +01:00 NO
FR France Europe/Paris [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
GA Gabon Africa/Libreville [WAT] UTC +01:00 NO
GB United Kingdom Europe/London [BST] UTC +01:00 YES
GD Grenada America/Grenada [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
GE Georgia Asia/Tbilisi [GET] UTC +04:00 NO
GF French Guiana America/Cayenne [GFT] UTC -03:00 NO
GG Guernsey Europe/Guernsey [BST] UTC +01:00 YES
GH Ghana Africa/Accra [GMT] UTC NO
GI Gibraltar Europe/Gibraltar [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
GL Greenland America/Danmarkshavn [GMT], America/Nuuk [WGST], America/Scoresbysund [EGST], America/Thule [ADT] UTC -03:00 NO
GM Gambia Africa/Banjul [GMT] UTC NO
GN Guinea Africa/Conakry [GMT] UTC NO
GP Guadeloupe America/Guadeloupe [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
GQ Equatorial Guinea Africa/Malabo [WAT] UTC+01:00 NO
GR Greece Europe/Athens [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Atlantic/South_Georgia [GST] UTC -02:00 NO
GT Guatemala America/Guatemala [CST] UTC -06:00 NO
GU Guam Pacific/Guam [ChST] UTC +10:00 NO
GW Guinea-Bissau Africa/Bissau [GMT] UTC NO
GY Guyana America/Guyana [GYT] UTC -04:00 NO
HK Hong Kong SAR China Asia/Hong_Kong [HKT] UTC+08:00 NO
HN Honduras America/Tegucigalpa [CST] UTC-06:00 NO
HR Croatia Europe/Zagreb [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
HT Haiti America/Port-au-Prince [EDT] UTC-04:00 YES
HU Hungary Europe/Budapest [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
ID Indonesia Asia/Jakarta [WIB], Asia/Jayapura [WIT], Asia/Makassar [WITA], Asia/Pontianak [WIB] UTC+09:00 NO
IE Ireland Europe/Dublin [IST] UTC+01:00 YES
IL Israel Asia/Jerusalem [IDT] UTC+03:00 YES
IM Isle of Man Europe/Isle_of_Man [BST] UTC+01:00 YES
IN India Asia/Kolkata [IST] UTC+05:30 NO
IQ Iraq Asia/Baghdad [AST] UTC+03:00 NO
IR Iran Asia/Tehran [IRDT] UTC+03:30 NO
IS Iceland Atlantic/Reykjavik [GMT] UTC NO
IT Italy Europe/Rome [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
JE Jersey Europe/Jersey [BST] UTC+01:00 YES
JM Jamaica America/Jamaica [EST] UTC-05:00 NO
JO Jordan Asia/Amman [EET] UTC+03:00 NO
JP Japan Asia/Tokyo [JST] UTC+09:00 NO
KH Cambodia Asia/Phnom_Penh [ICT] UTC +07:00 NO
KM Comoros Indian/Comoros [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis America/St_Kitts [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
KY Cayman Islands America/Cayman [EST] UTC -05:00 NO
KZ Kazakhstan Asia/Almaty [ALMT] UTC+06:00 NO
LA Laos Asia/Vientiane [ICT] UTC+07:00 NO
LB Lebanon Asia/Beirut [EEST] UTC+03:00 YES
LC Saint Lucia America/St_Lucia [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
LI Liechtenstein Europe/Vaduz [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
LK Sri Lanka Asia/Colombo [IST] UTC +05:30 NO
LR Liberia Africa/Monrovia [GMT] UTC NO
LS Lesotho Africa/Maseru [SAST] UTC+02:00 NO
LT Lithuania Europe/Vilnius [EEST] UTC+03:00 YES
LU Luxembourg Europe/Luxembourg [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
LV Latvia Europe/Riga [EEST] UTC+03:00 YES
LY Libya Africa/Tripoli [EET] UTC+02:00 NO
MA Morocco Africa/Casablanca [WEST], Africa/El_Aaiun [WEST] UTC+01:00 NO
MC Monaco Europe/Monaco [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
MD Moldova Europe/Chisinau [EEST] UTC+03:00 NO
ME Montenegro Europe/Podgorica [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
MF Saint Martin America/Marigot [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
MG Madagascar Indian/Antananarivo [EAT] UTC+03:00 NO
MH Marshall Islands Pacific/Kwajalein [+12], Pacific/Majuro [+12] UTC+12:00 NO
MK Macedonia Europe/Skopje [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
ML Mali Africa/Bamako [GMT] UTC NO
MM Myanmar [Burma] Asia/Yangon [MMT] UTC+06:30 NO
MN Mongolia Asia/Choibalsan [CHOT], Asia/Hovd [HOVT], Asia/Ulaanbaatar [ULAT] UTC+08:00 NO
MO Macau SAR China Asia/Macau [CST] UTC+08:00 NO
MP Northern Mariana Islands Pacific/Saipan [ChST] UTC+10:00 NO
MQ Martinique America/Martinique [AST] UTC-04:00 NO
MR Mauritania Africa/Nouakchott [GMT] UTC NO
MS Montserrat America/Montserrat [AST] UTC-04:00 NO
MT Malta Europe/Malta [ CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
MU Mauritius Indian/Mauritius [MUT] UTC+04:00 NO
MV Maldives Indian/Maldives [MVT] UTC+05:00 NO
MW Malawi Africa/Blantyre [CAT] UTC+02:00 NO
MX Mexico America/Bahia_Banderas [CST], America/Cancun [EST], America/Chihuahua [EST], America/Ciudad_Juarez [MDT], America/Hermosillo [MST], America/Matamoros [CDT], America/Mazatlan [MST], America/Merida [CST], America/Mexico_City [CST], America/Monterrey [CST], America/Ojinaga [CST], America/Tijuana [CST] UTC-07:00 NO
MY Malaysia Asia/Kuala_Lumpur [MALT], Asia/Kuching [MYT] UTC+08:00 NO
MZ Mozambique Africa/Maputo [CAT] UTC+02:00 NO
NA Namibia Africa/Windhoek [CAT] UTC+02:00 NO
NC New Caledonia Pacific/Noumea [NCT] UTC+11:00 NO
NE Niger Africa/Niamey [WAT] UTC+01:00 NO
NF Norfolk Island Pacific/Norfolk [NFT] UTC+11:00 NO
NG Nigeria Africa/Lagos [WAT] UTC+01:00 YES
NI Nicaragua America/Managua [CST] UTC-06:00 NO
NL Netherlands Europe/Amsterdam [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
NO Norway Europe/Oslo [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
NP Nepal Asia/Kathmandu [NPT] UTC+05:45 NO
NR Nauru Pacific/Nauru [NRT] UTC+12:00 NO
NU Niue Pacific/Niue [NUT] UTC-11:00 NO
NZ New Zealand Pacific/Auckland [NZST], Pacific/Chatham [NZST] UTC+12:45 NO
OM Oman Asia/Muscat [GST] UTC +04:00 NO
PA Panama America/Panama [EST] UTC -05:00 NO
PE Peru America/Lima [PET] UTC -05:00 NO
PF French Polynesia Pacific/Gambier [GAMT], Pacific/Marquesas [MART], Pacific/Tahiti [TAHT] UTC -10:00 NO
PG Papua New Guinea Pacific/Bougainville [BST], Pacific/Port_Moresby [PGT] UTC +11:00 NO
PH Philippines Asia/Manila [PHT] UTC +08:00 NO
PK Pakistan Asia/Karachi [PKT] UTC +05:00 NO
PL Poland Europe/Warsaw [CEST] UTC +02:00 NO
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon America/Miquelon [PMST] UTC -02:00 YES
PN Pitcairn Islands Pacific/Pitcairn [PST] UTC -08:00 NO
PR Puerto Rico America/Puerto_Rico [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
PS Palestinian Territories Asia/Gaza [EEST], Asia/Hebron [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
PT Portugal Atlantic/Azores [AZOT], Atlantic/Madeira [WEST], Europe/Lisbon [WEST] UTC -01:00 YES
PW Palau Pacific/Palau [+09] UTC +09:00 NO
PY Paraguay America/Asuncion [PYT] UTC -04:00 NO
QA Qatar Asia/Qatar [AST] UTC +03:00 NO
RE Réunion Indian/Reunion [RET] UTC +04:00 NO
RO Romania Europe/Bucharest [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
RS Serbia Europe/Belgrade [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
RU Russia Asia/Anadyr [ANAT], Asia/Barnaul [KRAT], Asia/Chita [YAKT], Asia/Irkutsk [IRKT], Asia/Kamchatka [PETT], Asia/Khandyga [YAKT], Asia/Krasnoyarsk [KRAT], Asia/Magadan [MAGT], Asia/Novokuznetsk [KRAT], Asia/Novosibirsk [NOVT], Asia/Omsk [OMST], Asia/Sakhalin [SAKT], Asia/Srednekolymsk [SRET], Asia/Tomsk [KRAT], Asia/Ust-Nera [VLAT], Asia/Vladivostok [VLAT], Asia/Yakutsk [YAKT], Asia/Yekaterinburg [YEKT], Europe/Astrakhan [SAMT], Europe/Kaliningrad [FET], Europe/Kirov [KIZT], Europe/Moscow [MSK], Europe/Samara [SAMT], Europe/Saratov [SAMT], Europe/Ulyanovsk [SAMT], Europe/Volgograd [VOLT] UTC +12:00 YES
RW Rwanda Africa/Kigali [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
SA Saudi Arabia Asia/Riyadh [AST] UTC +03:00 NO
SB Solomon Islands Pacific/Guadalcanal [SBT] UTC +11:00 NO
SC Seychelles Indian/Mahe [SCT] UTC +04:00 NO
SD Sudan Africa/Khartoum [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
SE Sweden Europe/Stockholm [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
SG Singapore Asia/Singapore [SGT] UTC +08:00 NO
SH Saint Helena Atlantic/St_Helena [GMT] UTC NO
SI Slovenia Europe/Ljubljana [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Arctic/Longyearbyen [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
SK Slovakia Europe/Bratislava [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
SL Sierra Leone Africa/Freetown [GMT] UTC NO
SM San Marino Europe/San_Marino [CEST] UTC +02:00 YES
SN Senegal Africa/Dakar [GMT] UTC NO
SO Somalia Africa/Mogadishu [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
SR Suriname America/Paramaribo [SRT] UTC -03:00 NO
SS Africa/Juba [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
ST São Tomé and Príncipe Africa/Sao_Tome [GMT] UTC NO
SV El Salvador America/El_Salvador [CST] UTC+06:00 NO
SX America/Lower_Princes [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
SY Syria Asia/Damascus [EEST] UTC +03:00 YES
SZ Swaziland Africa/Mbabane [SAST] UTC +02:00 NO
TC Turks and Caicos Islands America/Grand_Turk [EST] UTC -05:00 NO
TD Chad Africa/Ndjamena [WAT] UTC +01:00 NO
TF French Southern Territories Indian/Kerguelen [TFT] UTC +05:00 NO
TG Togo Africa/Lome [GMT] UTC NO
TH Thailand Asia/Bangkok [ICT] UTC +07:00 NO
TJ Tajikistan Asia/Dushanbe [TJT] UTC +05:00 NO
TK Tokelau Pacific/Fakaofo [TKT] UTC +13:00 NO
TL Timor-Leste Asia/Dili [TLT] UTC +09:00 NO
TM Turkmenistan Asia/Ashgabat [TMT] UTC +05:00 NO
TN Tunisia Africa/Tunis [CET] UTC +01:00 NO
TO Tonga Pacific/Tongatapu [TOT] UTC +13:00 NO
TR Turkey Europe/Istanbul [TRT] UTC +03:00 NO
TT Trinidad and Tobago America/Port_of_Spain [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
TV Tuvalu Pacific/Funafuti [TVT] UTC +12:00 NO
TW Taiwan Asia/Taipei [CST] UTC +08:00 NO
TZ Tanzania Africa/Dar_es_Salaam [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
UA Ukraine Europe/Kyiv [EEST], Europe/Simferopol [MSK] UTC +03:00 YES
UG Uganda Africa/Kampala [EAT] UTC +03:00 NO
UM U.S. Minor Outlying Islands Pacific/Midway [SST], Pacific/Wake [WAKT] UTC -11:00 NO
US United States America/Adak [HST], America/Anchorage [AKDT], America/Boise [MDT], America/Chicago [CDT], America/Denver [MDT], America/Detroit [EDT], America/Indiana/Indianapolis [EDT], America/Kentucky/Monticello [EDT], America/Los_Angeles [PDT], America/Menominee [CDT], America/Metlakatla [AKDT], America/New_York [EDT], America/Nome [AKDT], America/North_Dakota/Beulah [CDT], America/North_Dakota/Center [CDT], America/North_Dakota/New_Salem [CDT], America/Phoenix [MST], America/Sitka [AKDT], America/Yakutat [AKDT], Pacific/Honolulu [HST] UTC -10:00 NO
UY Uruguay America/Montevideo [UYT] UTC -03:00 NO
UZ Uzbekistan Asia/Samarkand [UZT], Asia/Tashkent [UZT] UTC +05:00 NO
VA Vatican City Europe/Vatican [CEST] UTC+02:00 YES
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines America/St_Vincent [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
VE Venezuela America/Caracas [VET] UTC -04:00 NO
VG British Virgin Islands America/Tortola [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
VI U.S. Virgin Islands America/St_Thomas [AST] UTC -04:00 NO
VN Vietnam Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh [ICT] UTC +07:00 NO
VU Vanuatu Pacific/Efate [VUT] UTC +11:00 NO
WF Wallis and Futuna Pacific/Wallis [WFT] UTC +12:00 NO
WS Samoa Pacific/Apia [WST] UTC +13:00 NO
YE Yemen Asia/Aden [AST] UTC +03:00 NO
YT Mayotte Indian/Mayotte [EAT] UTC+03:00 NO
ZA South Africa Africa/Johannesburg [SAST] UTC +02:00 NO
ZM Zambia Africa/Lusaka [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO
ZW Zimbabwe Africa/Harare [CAT] UTC +02:00 NO