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Did you know that hackers, governments, snoopers or attackers can identify you through the IP address you use? By default, the IP address you use is public and interested parties or snoopers can intercept your information very easily. The good news is that you can always count on VPN to hide your identity on the Internet or access content that is geographically blocked in your location known as Internet Censorship.

Just like the address used to identify your home, an IP address is a unique number that identifies devices over the Internet. IP address reveals your location information which snoopers or government investigators can use to find you. If you do not want anyone to know your whereabouts over the Internet you should consider using VPN to completely hide your identity or traces.

IP addresses are not numbers that are arrived at randomly. They are mathematically generated and given to different regions around the world as a block. For instance, about 36% of available IP addresses are allocated to the US alone and the rest allocated to different parts of the world.

When you use the Internet, you send and receive private information over different platforms. As this information moves through the internet, there is a risk of being intercepted by individuals who are interested in abusing it. The moment you use a Virtual Private Network, you add an extra security layer to protect your information. What a VPN does is encrypting data packets that you send or search over the Internet completely protecting you against anyone interested in knowing your location. It completely protects your IP address by hiding it and if someone wants to know your location he will not manage to do so because he will only be able to see the IP address of your Virtual Private Network.

The only disadvantage that many people complain about VPN is that it slows down the speed of your connection. However, there are some VPNs that don't affect connection speed if you have a connection that is good enough. When using a mobile device over a connection that you do not trust, it's always very easy for an attacker to collect your information. When connecting to Wi-Fi especially in public areas, it's advisable to install VPN App on your device.

Why hide your Identity?

We all have different reasons for hiding online or preventing interested parties from finding our location. Just like our driver's license or ID Card, an IP address is also our personal identifier. If there's anyone interested in attacking you, they can easily do that by finding and tracking your IP address.

A VPN can help you hide from an oppressive regime or maybe you are targeted by agencies that are investigating every move you make.

Watch geographically blocked content

The best way to access content that is blocked in your geographic location is by using a Virtual Private Network. For instance, people who are in countries where Netflix content is blocked can use VPN to access Netflix. VPNs do this by changing your IP address and appear to be an IP address of the region where Netflix content is allowed.

If there's content that your internet service provider (ISP) doesn't want you to access you can always connect to a Virtual Private Network to unblock this. We are not teaching you to go against law and order but we just want you to know what VPN can do. A VPN will virtually hide your IP address and your movements from one point to another making it completely difficult for surveillance to know where you are or where you've been to. Now that you have this information, you can make use of many VPNs available in the market to use them in the right manner and not break the law.

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