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What is a product key and where to buy one?

Almost everyone has checked out websites selling Windows activation keys at very cheap prices at some point in their life. But, before you proceed with that, it is essential to know what the Windows Home product key is.

Windows home product key

Windows 10 home product key is a type of license that helps with Windows activation. A Windows 10 product key involves 25 characters that allow you to authenticate your Windows copy. Windows product keys are different from one another.

Though with Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft has the power to check the authenticity of your copy, sometimes users don’t activate using product that they have bought.

Window product keys are of three types:

  • Retail keys: You get this with your retail copy of Windows that you purchased online or offline. They are placed inside a box when bought offline or sent through an email when purchased digitally.
  • OEM keys: These keys are pre-installed on new OEM PC. They are virtually attached to the machine’s motherboard and are not transferred like retail keys.
  • Volume keys: These keys are meant for government bodies and corporations. They are handled by IT professionals who control licenses.

Where can you purchase Windows 10 Home Product Keys?

You can buy Windows 10 home product key from several sources along with an official license directly from Microsoft. For example, when you purchase a boxed Windows 10 version, you will get the key printed on it or placed inside the box.

However, if you bought a new Windows laptop, you may not need to purchase a new Windows 10 license. Most laptop producers team Windows with their devices by pre-installing the OEM keys on the device. Often they print product keys on stickers along with the machine or box.

Here, Windows verifies the copy automatically using the pre-installed key or you may have to enter the key that is stuck on the device.

Most users who don’t wish to purchase the official Windows 10 home product key choose third-party sellers that sell them at highly reduced prices. But before you choose to purchase a Windows 10 home product key from an unauthenticated website, remember that these product keys are MSDN (Microsoft Software Developer Network) keys issued by the company to the developers, and other than this they could be from an illegal channel.

Hence, it is always suggested to buy product keys from reliable third-party websites. Lastly, Microsoft can revoke the license key at any time. Hence, it is always recommended to buy the software CD key from legitimate sources.

Purchase a Window License Key and activate it now

There is no need to spend a large amount of money to acquire original Windows license keys as there are legitimate third-party resellers providing product keys at reasonable prices. Once the key is activated, it works for years without the worry of drawbacks of an inactivated OS.

So, go ahead and get your software CD key now and activate your Windows copy, receiving timely safety and feature updates.

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