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Change IPAddress

Change IPAddress

by Rana Akram (Posts: 0) » about 5 years ago

Dear sir,

How to change IP Address on PTCL.

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by IP Location (Posts: 30) » about 5 years ago

I'm assuming your ISP is PTCL. Changing your public IP address of your computer is the same for any ISP. Please follow the instruction shown on Change IP address ( .

For hiding or masking your real IP address, please visit Hide IP Address (

Another way is to open the "LAN Port" settings. You will see the current IP address assigned to your router. Change the IP address to the desired value. Click on "Save" to apply the changes. Your PTCL router will now reboot and the new IP address will be assigned to it. - Sherman Sisco about 10 months ago
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