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IP Location incorrect

IP Location incorrect

by Robert Paige (Posts: 0) » about 4 years ago

2 of the geolocation datapoints are showing that my IP address is in  San Antonio, TX while the third is showing Lewisville, TX.   

My current location is in Lewisville, TX and need to have all ip addresses to reflect that so that information.    

my IP address is

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by IP Location (Posts: 19) » about 4 years ago

The IP based geolocation map is not always precise. A pool of IPs from each ISPs are shared amongst users from multiple cities, and the IPs are randomly assigned to users on an availability basis. Different IP-to-location data providers do their best to provide accurate information, but the nature of the mapping causes the data to be less accurate.
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by Joe Thuente (Posts: 1) » about 2 years ago

One location is saying I am in Naperville, Illinois and the other three are saying I am in Albuquerque NM.  I am in Albuquerque NM but MLB.TV is blacking out baseball games in the Chicago market because it thinks I am in Naperville, Illinois. What do I need to do to get the address correct?

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Your IP address is not from a specific state or city. It originates from a router. That router distributes IP addresses, one of which goes to your device, from a list of IP addresses it has been set to distribute. The addresses it spreads are typically IP addresses that are in use in the area where the router is located. Check our drywall finishing - Aaron Smith about 1 month ago
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A lot depends on the provider - Daniel Meyers about 11 days ago
Sometimes location services determine the ip-address of the ISP and not the user. In this case it is almost unrealistic to find the correct location of the user, because the service will show you the exact location of the ISP and it may be different - Daniel Meyers about 11 days ago
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