iProVPN is a leading VPN service provider, known for its one mission – online privacy and security. Established by a group of dedicated privacy zealots, iProVPN solves the issues of internet censorship, regional bans, and the defunct net neutrality together with the rest. iProVPN uses the latest VPN technology to create a secure private connection between users and its servers, with the final result being a private internet inside a public one. Users can change their IP address, encrypt their data, and weather around any local firewalls to access geo-restricted content at free will.

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Transparency and reliability are two indispensable values iProVPN has, and our commitment is never to monitor or track users' online activities. iProVPN is located close to Houston International Nothbelt Airport, Texas, where it is under legal jurisdiction, guaranteeing that strict privacy standards are observed. Moreover, through a user-friendly focus, iProVPN aims at being the trusted source of protection for its worldwide customers so that they can utilize the Internet with confidence and freedom.

Key Features

  • Internet Safety: Enjoy freedom, privacy, and security while browsing with iProVPN's comprehensive internet safety features.
  • Spoof IP Address: Secure your internet identity by intermittently changing your real IP address and geographic location with iProVPN's IP spoofing technology.
  • Bypass Geo-restriction: Indulge in worldwide content with no worries as you can get past geo-blocking on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.
  • Global VPN Servers: iProVPN offers services to the US, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, and all other 45 countries with its multiple servers around the world.
  • Extensive Compatibility: seamlessly use the iProVPN on all of your devices which involves Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems, Fire TV, and routers.
  • No-Logs Policy: Be at peace with the fact that iProVPN is the VPN that does not monitor, track, or store your online activities.
  • Encrypt Your Connection: Protect your personal and sensitive information with the best encryption technology, AES-256, which iProVPN provides.
  • Kill Switch: Stay anonymous even in the case your internet service temporarily stops working with the automatic kill switch option by iProVPN.
  • Use Multiple Devices: Securely, you can connect up to 10 devices at once with one single iProVPN subscription whereas you can enjoy peerless flexibility and convenience.


  • 24/7 Customer Support and Money-Back Guarantee: iProVPN provides a live chat that is online 24/7, an email, and a 30-day money-back guarantee for users' satisfaction.
  • P2P Optimization and Split Tunneling: The inclusion of P2P file sharing and split tunneling improves user experience as it improves performance and gives selective traffic routing.
  • Comprehensive Security Features: With iProVPN, users can not only enjoy a secure connection via AES 256-bit encryption but also be proud of their privacy and security guaranteed by a zero-logs policy, DNS/IP leak protection as well as a kill switch.
  • Global Server Network: By having servers positioned in different countries, especially iProVPN includes servers in the US, the UK, and Australia, it facilitates users to evade geo-restriction of content and get access anywhere in the globe.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Switching: Subscribers are provided with free flow of content, high-speed internet browsing, and unlimited bandwidth access with the freedom to switch servers as many times as they need.


  • Torrenting Support Scope: While p2p enhancement is supported, it is recommended to check into any restrictions in place for torrents and servers designed for this activity.
  • Impact of Ad-Blocking Feature: Although ad-blocking makes browsing easier, one needs to always recognize the possible negative impacts of it on the functionalities of a website or the revenue models that are supported by adverts.
  • Variable Speeds: Users might encounter lags in the connection related to the server loading and the distance between the user and the server, consequently affecting the streaming and browsing speeds.

Additional Information

Pricing Tier$9/mo, $2.40/mp (Annually) $1.36/mo (2-year)

Editor's Notes

iProVPN is a relatively new entrant in the VPN market. iProVPN is a solid choice for users seeking a balance of security, privacy, and affordability. While it may lack some of the extensive features and server networks of older VPN services, it provides a robust and user-friendly experience that caters well to most users' needs.

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