DeleteMe is a widely recognized data removal service provided by the company, Abine. It specializes in helping individuals protect their online privacy by removing personal information from data broker websites, public records, and online databases. DeleteMe offers a comprehensive solution for individuals concerned about their online presence and the potential risks associated with the exposure of personal data.

The services offered by DeleteMe include:

Personal Information Removal

DeleteMe assists individuals in removing personal information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more from data broker websites and public records databases. The service targets prominent data broker websites and aggregates where personal information is often bought and sold, helping individuals regain control over their online privacy.

Regular Monitoring and Updates

DeleteMe provides ongoing monitoring of data broker websites to identify new instances of personal information and ensure that any newly appearing data is promptly removed. Subscribers receive regular updates and reports on the status of their data removal efforts, keeping them informed about the effectiveness of the service.

Dedicated Privacy Experts

DeleteMe's team of privacy experts handles all aspects of the data removal process, from identifying sources of personal information to submitting removal requests and tracking progress. Subscribers can rely on the expertise and experience of DeleteMe's team to navigate the complexities of online privacy and ensure comprehensive data removal.

Enhanced Privacy Protection

By removing personal information from data broker websites and public records databases, DeleteMe helps individuals reduce their exposure to privacy risks such as identity theft, online harassment, and unwanted solicitations. The service offers peace of mind to subscribers concerned about the proliferation of personal data on the internet and its potential impact on their security and reputation.

Additional Information

Pricing Tier$129/yr (yearly plan)

Editor's Notes

DeleteMe provides a valuable solution for individuals seeking to safeguard their online privacy and protect themselves from the consequences of data exposure. With its personalized approach, regular monitoring, and dedicated privacy experts, DeleteMe offers a comprehensive data removal service that empowers individuals to take control of their online identity and privacy.

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