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Play Croco

Why the Croco Casino online?

They use an encrypted SSL-connection to ensure your security when you submit any information on the website or play one of their online casino games. Online casinos are generally very similar, but trust me when I say that the play croco casino rates highly in my opinion. You can spot them easily because of their extremely pleasant website design and their huge selection of games. Besides this, they also offer really great promotions. They do not store your financial data (e.g card number or PayPal e-mail) neither do they share it with third parties - which is something I like about this casino since many other casinos only emphasize the safety aspect by showing pictures of locks or closed curtains without actually saying anything concrete about data protection policies for users!

Promotions and bonuses in online casinos

Online casinos create a unique and evolving entertainment experience for players. The early days of online casino games were rather lacklustre, consisting mainly of the staples such as blackjack and roulette combined with some predictable slots. There were very few options to choose from and this gave an overall bland experience. Promotions and bonuses offered by casinos was also very little in comparison to what we see today.

However, all that has changed and online casinos offer an extensive variety of different games and experiences allowing gamblers across the world to find the best option for them. It is now not uncommon to find hundreds of different slot machines available at any casino you decide to visit, offering various themes such as sports, superheroes even TV shows.

Register and get started

First you have to register. It's easy, fast and free to do plus you will get a free bonus of 5 000 coins that are worth €/$5 just for signing up. You can then download the casino software or log into your account via Facebook or GooglePlay.

The special experience of gambling with Croco

Welcome to Croco Casino , one of the world's best-loved and most respected names in casino gaming. Founded more than a decade ago in 2004, we've grown rapidly and gained worldwide renown thanks to our innovative approach and terrific welcome offers, not to mention our incredible range of games that all online gamblers can enjoy.


Online casinos are a very fun and exciting way to relax after a long day at work. Growing in popularity, these online venues provide countless hours of entertainment and often offer incentives for continued play through various bonus offers. One such online casino that is growing in popularity.

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